Design Commission Info

Character Designs can be built from general design notes (like hair color, etc) and a mood board. Or you can be as vague as you like if you have just a general idea of something you want like "fairy knight" and I'll run with it. 

Single Design -  $250

  • 1 Full body and close up

Full Design Sheet - $500

  • 2 outfits and 3 expressions
  • Additional outfit +50
  • Additional expression +50


This option is only for people who have existing characters that they just want to see in an abstract/simple/lineless style and fancy outfits. You can order this with designs you get from me after the fact

  • 3 outfits - $300

  • 5 outfits - $450


You'll get a handful of concepts as a launch pad for the direction you want to go in and from there the image will be refined and you'll also get 3 free minor revisions to the final image before it's sent. 


Logo $150


Logo Sheet $250

  • Logo with alternate colors and different layouts



This one would be on a quote basis depending on your needs and wants! We would discuss your hopes for merch and the types of elements that you wish to highlight and I'll create a pitch deck with some concepts. I can also sketch compositions for posters/charms for you to draw in your own style to save you time there (since that is very specific to the artist)