• Slots are not guaranteed, I have the right to refuse anything I feel I can't do justice
  • CHARACTER DESIGN:  Payment 100% in advance
  • LOGO AND MERCH DESIGN: Payment 50% up front 50% upon completion
  • Work will not be started until first payment received and final approved files will not be sent until final payment given.
  • Delivery within 2 months (so long as any feedback/edits are given within a timely manner)
  • Rush order available so long as I have at least a week for an additional fee ($50 dollars)
  • NO refunds on approved designs, refunds available if not delivered within 2 months without any contact/discission.
  • It is prohibited to use/upload/sell my work as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) anywhere. It is also prohibited to alter/edit my work for this purpose or to take the designs and have them redrawn by another artist for an NFT.
  • Character designs can made into Vtubers or used as characters in comics ETC, but you cannot sell the original art without express permission. 
  • I will be allowed to use sample of commission for promotion on social media unless you request to keep it private (for a certain time or indefinitely) 


I do not require a credit every time you use something that I create for you, but do not take credit for the original art/design. Shout outs on social media (instagram and/or twitter) would be appreciated.